Understanding the multiplier effect that education has on development, Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) developed the I2Can initiative. I2Can is a series of experiential learning programs designed to inspire and provide young people with the skills and tools to achieve their true potential. I2Can hopes to empower the youth to learn, earn, thrive, and contribute to sustainable transformation.


  1. Teaching and learning using live demonstration.
  2. Activity Based learning such as games, role plays, show & tell, art projects, story-telling, and quiz bees to maintain interest and enthusiasm.
  3. E-learning and mobile learning tools, quick reference cards, porters and booklets.


ISP encourages further learning and exploring through our 7 focus topics. It prepares students to participate in the Level-up program.


To bring about high quality learning by providing educational materials and experts who share their knowledge and skills.

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