I2Can is a non-profit social organization with the goal to improve the understanding, life skills and instill values of young people in South India.We would like to thank our partner ASSIST with more than 10 years of experience in training, we are able to provide high quality learning and project content. We value the impact of I2Can programs and as long as we are not 100% convinced that a program is effective and helps us bring closer to our vision, we will not implement it. We also believe that in every community, there are people who share same vision with I2Can and that have in-depth knowledge about their region. With this, we treat their experience and knowledge as a valuable resource.

Our People


Following our values of dedication, professionalism and employment of regional knowledge, I2Can team is consists of:

Employees: Professionals and experts in their field with long-term experience in the field of social organizations as well as learning and skills development.

Volunteers: The most dedicated volunteers that embrace our values and goals are necessary for running our programs and sharing our cause. We value their time and energy to take part and spread the message of our organization. That´s why we promise to turn it into impact and positive change with maximum efficiency.

Board Members: Board members and partners who are willing to employ their expertise, experience and extensive network in favor of young people and their community are much needed and appreciated. These successful board members act as role models for these young people to become self-reliant and be vessels of change.


I2Can is a new foundation that stems from our parent organization, ASSIST. Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) is an international non-government organization focused on capacity building. It seeks to promote sustainable practices to address social problems in the developing world, with focus on Asia and Africa.

Established in 2003, ASSIST has actively implemented project across the thematic focus area with an emphasis on technology as a tool for enabling change and creating awareness.

ASSIST takes pride in its process-oriented approach to capacity building towards social improvement and sustainable transformation. Its goal is to empower its target groups to make them resilient to the social, economic and environmental challenges.

Presently, it is based in the Philippines with operations in India and Vietnam. We implement projects across 10 countries through our Partner to Progress philosophy in collaboration with the European Union, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and USAID, amongst other organizations.

Focus Areas

Green Living Green Living
Clean Living Clean Living
Safe Living Safe Living
Healthy Living Healthy Living
Ethics & Morals Ethics & Morals
Financial Literacy Financial Literacy
Digital Literacy Digital Literacy
Green Living

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