What is I2Can

It is an activity based interactive learning session for the student community.


ASSIST is an international NGO head quartered in Manila Philippines operating in India since four years

Who has approved it

Minister of Education – Government of Tamil Nadu/Chief Secretary Education Government of Tamil Nadu/ Police Commissioners of Chennai, Trichy & Madurai Cities/ Deputy Commissioner Education of Corporation of Chennai/ Commissioners of Corporation of Madurai and Trichy/Deputy Director Fire Services of Trichy & Madurai.

Duration of the Program

2 Hours

Topics Covered

Road Safety /HealthCare/Fire Safety/Disaster Mitigation/Green Living/Saving Habits

Target audience

Students from 7th Standard to 9th Standard

Age Group of students

12 to 14 years

Number of Participants per event

Minimum 200 and maximum 1800 according to the strength of the school

Medium of communication


How it benefit our students

The children learn life saving measures when faced with eventualities and how to handle an emergency situation more practically.

Schools role for the program

School provide space to conduct program with public address system

What children learn

1. Learn to safeguard their lives from any danger or eventuality

2. Learn to obey traffic rules to travel safely

3. Learn to consume healthy food to live healthy and avoid junk food

4. Learn the importance of hand wash, bathing daily, wear clean dress, and never skip breakfast

5. Develop self-respect, respect elders, respect parents and teachers

6. Importance of drinking clean water in sufficient quantity to avoid dehydration

7. Never to play with fire or involve in any life threatening acts, handle emergencies like floods/tsunami/earth quake or any natural disaster.

8. They learn that life is more precious than any material and learn to safeguard them first during any eventuality.

About future plans

ASSIST office in India is located in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu State. As of now we have reached only to Corporation Schools (Government Schools) in Chennai City.

We are aiming to reach Schools in Madurai and Trichy two metros of Tamil Nadu State which are around 300 miles away from Chennai city. We have identified NGO Partners who would extend their support to conduct the events in both Madurai and Trichy Metros.

We have plans to reach across to 50,000 students between now and end of 2016 by replicating I2Can programs in Madurai and Trichy.